About Us

Welcome To 76Pizza.ca

The very word Pizza makes us drool in ecstasy. The mouth-watering aroma of freshly grilled veggies swimming in a sea of cheese, is a sight beyond trance. This Italian dish has taken the world by craze and we here at 76 Pizza bring you the very flavors of authentic pizza to our customers. We at 76 Pizza bring up to you a range of Fermented Food, Minerals, Vitamins and Superfoods at authentic and affordable prices. Not only this we also offer amazing pizzas, we also manufacture Culture Shots which is a blend of water kefir drink that offers a high amount of energy.

Why Choose Us?

All our food products are prepared using high-quality products that meet the quality standards of food. Through our products and authentic superfood and drinks, we aim to bring in for the public a natural source of probiotics and beneficial enzymes. Our aim is not just to render relishing cuisines with savouring tastes but also render health. Our special drink of Culture Shots is prepared in a manner that offers tremendous dietary aid along with being helpful in fighting different digestive issues.

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